Valley Mint

Bronchodilator, Mucolytic & Immune stimulant
Each 1 liter contains:
Menthol 110 gm.
Thymol 20 gm.
Eucalyptus 50 gm.
Bromhexine HCL 10 gm.
Vitamin E 20 gm.
Propylene glycol 100 gm.
Distilled water up to 1 liter.
Indications and properties:
Valley mint is a complete solution
for respiratory distress in different diseases of
bacterial and viral origin.
Valley mint keeps the breathing tract free
from mucous by preventing production and
secretion of mucous and removing it from
bronchial tubes by its expectorant effect.
Valley mint has anti-inflammatory, anti-stress
Anesthetic, and anti-microbiocidal activities
Valley mint reduces vaccination reactions on
respiratory tract and alleviates the symptoms of
laryngitis and bronchitis.
Valley mint stimulates the immune system
and improves the action of antibiotics on
bacterial agents furthermore.
Valley mint increases the appetite.
Administration and dosage:
Recommended to use in drinking water or by spray
In drinking water:
0.25ml. per 1 liter of drinking water
Spray method:
Dilute 100 ml. in 10 liters of
water for 10000 birds up to 3 weeks age twice
per day, for older birds dilute 200 ml. in 10 liters
of water twice daily repeated according to the
progress of the cases.
Withdrawal times: None