Immune stimulant and
Growth premotor
Each 1 liter contains;
– Saccharomyces cerevisiae
extract 250gm
Mannan-oligosaccharide 32%
β-glucan 26%
Oregano oil extract 100 gm
Carvacrol 68.1%
Thymol 4.6%
Yucca extract 70 gm
Sodium selenite 500 mg
Vitamin E 20 gm
Chelated Zinc 20 gm
Propylene glycol 100 gm
Purified distilled water up to 1 liter.

IMUVAL is a balanced formula designed to stimulate the
immune response (modulating cellular and humoral immune
response) and increase the vitality to resist improper conditions.

IMUVAL is used for stimulating the immune functions
and enhancing resistance against pathogenic agents.
IMUVAL is used as a growth promoter and increases FCR.
IMUVAL is used in case of immunosuppressive diseases as
gumboro,Chicken Anaemia and in common viral diseases as
( Infectious bronchitis, Newcastle disease & Avian influenza ).
IMUVAL increases immune response (antibodies titer )after
vaccination against viral diseases.
IMUVAL contains MOS which improves intestinal tract microflora,
enhances intestinal mucosa and reduces the prevalence and
concentration of salmonella and E.coli in GIT.
IMUVAL has anti mycotoxines activities, it contains
Yeast extract and Yucca extract which plays a vital role
for overcoming mycotoxines in addition to their immune
stimulant role.
Dosage: 0.5 / 1 liter of drinking water for
3-5 days
Withdrawal times: None.